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      秋 Autumn 2020

      In Spring, cherry blossoms

      In Summer, the cuckoo,

      In Autumn, the moon,

      In Winter, the snow,

      Cold and clear.

      By Dogen Zenji

      This is the beautiful poem which was written in Dogen Zenji (Zen monk) in 13th Century. It is quoted many times even today which tells the Japanese aesthetics most clearly. Yes, we have four seasons, and each seasons we have different life style. Tradition Japanese houses, we do have only few walls which could be considered the barrier against nature. So not many places to put paintings. On the other hand there is a place called Tokono-ma (床の間), that is designed to place a painting. Japanese people changes paintings on the Tokono-ma by seasons. Accept nature, incorporate it to your life. So why not our online store???

      We will have four season on online store. Every season, we will have different line up of the artworks. And our new season "秋 Autumn 2020" will be start from end of September. Please follow the schedule below and please enjoy our autumn collection! 

      秋 Autumn 2020 Schedule

      September 21st

      酒器 | Sake ware
       (Guinomi, cups, tokkuri sake bottle, katakuchi sake jar)

      September 28th

      茶盌 | Tea bowl
      (The new collection of 志野 Shino Tea bowls)

      October 5th

      Ink paintings by Shiro Tsujimura
      "Full Moon"

      October 12th

      花器 | Flower vases

      October 19th

      食器 | Table ware


      October 25th

      Abstract oil paitnings by Shiro Tsujimura