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      2020 Autumn Chawan Tea bowl

      When We Think  of Shiro Tsujimura,

      I think the first thing people would think about is chawan tea bowls.

      The journey of pursuing the creation of ceramic pieces started by meeting with one Chawan tea bowls in the museum. He was so touched by the Chawan, and ever since then, he can not stop creating ceramics.

      It is our pleasure to introduce you the 2020 Autumn Tea Ware collection selected by Shiro Tsujimura.  

      The centerpiece of the autumn 2020 collection is the Shino chawan pieces

      He has been creating Shino since the beginning of 2020.

      Most of the usual guests has refrained from going to Tsujimura-san's mountain, due to the COVID, so we would not risk spreading to the Shiro-san's family.

      Normally, he starts working early in the morning (around 3:00 a.m.) and prepares for the day's guests just as people are getting ready to go about their daily activities, but with no one coming and going (due to COVID), Tsujimura-san continues making Shino ceramics all day long he is more focused and concentrated. His wife started calling him "Shino Ji" (Ji means grandpa).

      A workshop where Shiro-san works alone, continuing to pursue what is inside of him.
      Alone and in silence. In this season when the temperature starts to drop, he heats his workshop in the morning before the sun rises, using an electric heater to warm his back in the dim light.

      Let us unveil the Shino tea bowl fresh from the kiln.

      When I take Mr. Tsujimura's Chawan in my hand, I am assaulted by a mysterious sensation.

      Suddenly, it becomes familiar to my hand as if it was made for me.

      The Chawans made from Mr. Tsujimura's big hand makes me really feel warmth strangely and comfortably. I hope to share this pleasure with you, to feel them in your hands. (For those of you who haven't enjoyed the mysterious sensation yet).
      **There are more fresh out of the kilin Shino collection, please find them by scrolling down. 

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