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      2020 Autumn Flower vases


      Bringing the seasons into your life

      Trees, flowers and weeds in nature give us a sense of the seasons.

      In the fall, the leaves on the trees change colors and the trees begin to bear fruit.

      It's hard to feel the seasons indoors, where air conditioning and lighting keeps the temperature and light steady.

      Due to the COVID-19, Many of us are spending longer time at home, have less time to feel the air outside.

      Why not enjoy the season in your home with a single branch or a single flower?

      Mr. Tsujimura himself prefers to arrange wild-grown trees, flowers and weeds rather than the glittering, human-made plants.


      'Just throw a branch in to the vase’

      That's what Tsujimura-sensei is all about.

      I'm a naturalist when it comes to arranging flowers.

      It's more uncomfortable to make them look unnatural.

      If you can put them in naturally and make them lean, that's what you're comfortable with.

      Rather than putting too many flowers in a room and making it too stuffy, it's better to put just enough to let it breathe naturally.

      Put the chamfer in the alcove

      There are many of his works in the Tsujimura family's tearoom.

      Underneath the wall on which the scrolls are hung, there are often plants and trees that grow in the mountains.

      They remind me of the seasons of the time.

      Why is it strange to wonder if it's the present, the future or the past?

      It's a strange experience, with a sense of seasonality but no space-time.

      Perhaps it's because there is no air conditioning or electricity in this space.

      We're going on a tree-hunt!

      In the middle of Tokyo city, Chuo-Ku, you would not think we would find wild flowers, but you will be suppressed by what you can actually find if you look from different angle.

      Seasonal plants!

      Of course, we get permission to take the plants in the private property, but most of the time we can find wild flowers on the street.

      Don't give up on the idea that it doesn't look like it's in the city, but if you walk around for a moment, you can change your perspective.

      It looks great. You may find the plants of the season.

      This time of year, fall is full of plants with a wonderful autumnal makeup.

      Trees with red leaves, fruit-bearing trees, and rice plants that turn into golden ears.

      This fall, you can enjoy the season in such a way.



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