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      2020 Autumn Sake Ware

      Fall 2020 season, first up is the sake vessel collection!

      A party at the Tsujimura household begins with a toast with a tall Kohiki cup.
      Mr. Tsujimura sits next to the Japanese fireplace.
      Mrs. Tsujimura's handmade simmered vegetables in a big bowl.
      also, unforgettable delicious Seasonal vegetables from the Tsujimura family's farm.

      The First Toast with Kohiki Tall cups! 

      Let us introduce the Tall cups of 2020 Autumn Season!

      (For more information and more pieces of this seasons, please scroll to the end of this page, you will see the works)

      From the second drink, choose vessel of your choice of drink.

      After the first drink, you will be asked what your you would like to drink next, and you will be given a vessel to match each drink.
      If you like sake or shochu, Shiro-san will let you choose your favorite Guinomi sake cup from the baskets full of them.
      (Shiro-san has been working on the Shino style since the beginning of year 2020, we are happy to introduce the latest one too!)

      Shiro-san's recommendation is Red Wine!

      Shiro-san Pours the full bottle of red wine into Kohiki Katakuchi decanter,
      and pour into Kohiki Wine Cups , always up tot he top.

      After the meal, we have the coffee or tea

      Many different kinds of cups are used to serve this tea time.
      This week, we will be introducing the chai cups!
      Yunomi Cups are going to be introduced in the later week of this season!

      The coffee is excellent, made with hand-grainded coffee beans, and hot water boiled over a hearth fire.
      The chai cup is palatable and really, really magical. It feels comfortable in the hand of the person who holds it. That feeling is unforgettable.

      We sometimes serve the Matcha tea to our guests with this chai cups.

      Make the Macha in the Small Katakuchi bowl and pour into the chai cups.



      The Tokkuri Collection of Autumn 2020.

      For the use of Tokkuri Sake Bottles:
      Of course, you can put your favorite alcohol in it and drink it in a Guinomi Sake Cups, but you can also use it as a flower vase to put flowers to decorate a table while you dine. (According to Tsujimura, the person who uses it can use it in any way he or she likes!
      Not just as a drinking vessel, but how you use it is up to you to pick it up! It's ten different people.

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