How to Order Mounting

How to Order Mounting
We offer a variety of mounting services, such as mounting a scroll and framing, to suit the work and its purpose.

We can take your framed or scrolled work and mount it to your liking at our workshop. The same work of art can be enjoyed in different ways depending on how it is mounted. Also, depending on where the work is to be displayed, there are often restrictions on how it can be displayed, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate mounting for the location. At Kamiya Hyoso Kobo, we offer mounting services that match the way of life you cherish.



Step 0  Select products from the online store and check your mounting needs.

Please select an eligible piece from the online store. Eligible pieces will be those with sheets that have not been mounted.
Please select "I would like a mounting consultation" when adding to your cart.

Step 1 We will contact you regarding mounting.

You will receive an email from our mounting specialist. Please let us know roughly what kind of mounting you would like. (We will survey the condition of the work using images and other means, and conduct interviews.)

Step 2 Estimate creation

We will prepare an estimate for your proposed mounting and let you know the approximate delivery date.

Step 3 Mounting

We will actually take your work and mount it to your needs.

Step 4 Completion of mounting and confirmation of the work

We will send you a photo of the finished product by e-mail. Please let us know if you would like to see the work in our store.

Step 5 Sending invoice and payment

We will send you an invoice. Please transfer the money to the designated account by the payment deadline.

Step 6 Shipping the work

Please let us know your preferred shipping date and time, and if you would like to pick up your work at a store.


【Examples of fees】

No.1「Soil」Mouting Scroll

Size                   18cm x 32.5 cm (work)
Specification     Maru-Hyogu(The simplest mounting scroll specification)
Cost                   approx. JPY75,000-
Period                1month to 2months

No.2「Mountain GodMouting Scroll

Size              33.2cm x 69.5 (work)
Specification     Maru-Hyogu(The simplest mounting scroll specification)
Cost           approx. JPY100,000-
Period        1month to 2months

No.3「Abstract」Kumiko Framing

Size                 37cn x 68cm (work)
Specification   Kumiko-Framing・Turn the fabric around・With painted rod
Cost                approx. JPY110,000-
Period             A little over a month

No.4「◯△□」Panel Framing

Size             60cm x 90cm
Specification    Panel Framing
Cost                  approx. JPY35,000-
Period               About a month

No.5「Flower」Panel Framing with a rod

Size                   46.6cm x 62.1cm
Specification     Panel Framing with a rod
Cost                  approx. JPY55,000-
Period               About a month

No.6「Full Moon」Panel Framing with a rod

Size                   98cm x 118cm (work)
Specification     Panel Framing with painted rod
Cost                  approx. JPY110,000-
Period               About a month


Mounting Example
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