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      2020 Autumn "Full Moon" paintings

      full moon

      Did you see the great mid-autumn moon this year? Time has flown by.  Especially in 2020, when we were still wearing thick coats, we were plunged into the corona crisis. We have passed the mid-summer and the moon has become a beautiful sight.

      At the Tokyo Art Fair scheduled for March this year, Tsujimura had planned to show his own selection of "50 tea bowls" and a "painting of a full moon" on oxidized silver leaf paper. Unfortunately, it was cancelled, but I would like to introduce them to you.


      Painting on silver

      "I found an old plain silver screen at an antique shop and bought it, so why don't I write on it?"

      That's how the story began, and the painting of the large character “Dai-zizai (freedom of freedom)" on a six-panels folding screen with powerfull large characters, was the beginning of the silver leaf series that has followed, and I think "Dai-zizai", created at the end of 2018, is one of the masterpieces of Shiro Tsujimura's "calligraphy" works.

      As you know, silver turns black as it oxidizes over time. "Blackening" is one of the interesting things about it, but if it has already oxidized to completely black, you can't use it for future works. Even if you try to find one at an antique shop, there are not many stocked items like a golden folding screen. Therefore, we make silver leaf paper with “aged" decoration in our workshop and paint on it.

      For the smaller pieces, we dismantle the old screens and cut out the parts that could be used. The indigo-dyed cloth used for the hanging scrolls was also found by Tsujimura himself. It made them into as a scroll at our studio.

      Both large and small works are worth seeing! We hope you enjoy it!


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