Products made by Kami Ya

So far, our "kami (paper)" has been provided to painters and people who repair cultural properties.
We have only delivered papers to a fairly limited number of people.
On the other hand, those who work on mounting and framing,  and those who present their work as a gallery have been out in front here and there.
We are  "kamiya, (direct translation is paper shop)"
who makes and sells paper.
We think we have failed to tell you that we are "kamiya".
As one of the ways of telling people that we are paper shop,
we decided to make a place to introduce the products made by us.
Our paper is not a sheet of paper you may imagine. 
It is as an indispensable companion
to keep something important for tomorrow.
It is not an item just to be consumed and
to be thrown in the trash after use.
It is for the sights, the thoughts,
and the events that you want to remember and to keep for long long time.
Isn't this a time when each person has a clearer view of what is important to them that they want to cherish?
If that's the case, try these products!

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