4th Small Talk "Special Feature : Shiro Tsujimura's Small Oil Paintings".

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Hello, this is Nakano-hiro from Kamiya.

Today's topic is about the on going special featuring exhibition "Shiro Tsujimura's Small Oil Paintings"


Tsujimura-san painted before he started ceramics. Tsujimura-san has the ceramist's impression, but he has been continuing to paint. His painting works are very charming as well.

辻村史朗 油絵 ダンサー

Shiro Tsujimura's "Dancer" (ST01180)



Tsujimura-san paints things he has actually visited or seen, he uses his sketches of the view, and his memories, and leave everything unnecessary from the image, and paints his interpretation of the image. 

For example, from Tsujimura-san's oil paintings, there are pieces titled "Silk Road".  This is also from the actual visit to the silk road. was this in the desert? in the meadow? or in the town, you can only imagine. Tsujimura-san's interpretation of the silk road is like this. 

辻村史朗 油絵 シルクロード

「Silk road」(Mitsukoshi published「Shiro Tsujimura's painting exhibition)



There are works titled, "Rakan", Arhat ,subject is the Stone buddha, It could be the image he saw during his training as a monk.

辻村史朗 油絵 羅漢

Shiro Tsujimura's "Arhat"  (ST01196)



When we look back at the works he has created in the past, I realize there are so many works has the same subject. It must be the images which has left very strong impression to Tsujimura-san's memory. How he felt, How he saw, could be transmitted through his paintings.... 

Nakano-hito by Kamiya