2nd Small Talk "Shiro Tsujimura's SUPER MOON".

2nd Small Talk "Shiro Tsujimura's SUPER MOON".

Hello, this is Nakano-hiro from Kamiya. 

This month's night changing from 7th to 8th, Moon in the sky looks bigger than usual, "Super Moon" effect is seen. The reason why it looks bigger is moon is at one of the closest position to earth in the year. If we compare the most distant moon position moon size to this month's super moon size, it is 14% bigger in diameter, and 20% brighter in brightness. The most closest moon gets to earth is st 11:30 am Japanese time, but it is in the daylight, so we can enjoy the full moon at night!

Going back to the Shiro Tsujimura's SUPER MOON...
This is one of his newly created work called "Full Moon".  Work is drawn on the silver leaves pasted paper with Sumi Ink. 

To write this blog, I have been watching this work, and by looking at this work for long time, I have begun seeing one shape of view. If I describe it in detail, it may influence the way you look at the work, so I will keep this to myself, but If I were to say one thing, from the over all brush strokes of the whole work, I can almost see the winds going through.....

The reddish part you may see on the work is not the dust, silver is oxidized this chemical reaction is causing the reddish color on the work. This is called "Furubi" in japanese it means classical, and some times classical style finish. With the help of chemical reaction, brand new silver leaves paper are added some flavor to them, off course, there are some works with this effect naturally oxidized over time. 

This "Full Moon" work is drawn for the Tokyo Art Fair 2020, however due to the COVID-19, the fair is called off, so Tokyo Art Fair office has created online exhibition space called, Art Hunting. (https://art-scenes.net/ja/aft-art-hunting), we have yet to post this "Full Moon", but have already posted Other pieces chosen by Shiro Tsujimura, please visit the online fair if you are interested!

By the way, the name "Super Moon" is started to be used by United States NASA's officials, wanted to draw interest from the people to the universe, space. 
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, many people has been staying inside (home), may be it is a good chance for you to go out for a little to see the super moon whole a little wile.... at least this is my opinion.... 

By Kamiya's Nakanohito

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