1.5th Small Talk : Introducing the websites

1.5th Small Talk : Introducing the websites

Continuing from the 1st small talk, this is the 1.5th version.

Now, I've informed in the 1st Small talk that while you are staying safe at home, we will empower our online store, so you can enjoy checking out our products, and pieces from our favorite artiest. Now, I like to take this opportunity to introduce what is what.

Kami ya's Home Pagehttps://www.kamiya-art.com/
We will be updating our business information, and notifications, as well as exhibitions information.

We will be updating Kami ya's daily things, back yard stories, and artworks, and pur products, and some images, photos: Timing: as we see fit.

Kami ya's nline storehttps://shop.kamiya-art.com/
For your Daily use items, and Sumi-ink, brushes, and stationaries. as well as the art works are the mail product line in out online store.  In our physical Nihonbashi, Tokyo's gallery you can actually see physically,If you like to take a look of the works, please come visit our gallery.( During this COVID-19 issue, until situation calms down, we will be taking appointments for your visits, please email us or call us!) 

This is the market place for gallaries from all over the world. We will be posting some of the same works from our online store, as well as the works which is too large or too valuable that requires special attention, the works listed on Artsy can be acquired through making inquiry, and we will be personally assisting you.

AFT Art Hunting ( 〜2020/May/9th(Sat) ):https://art-scenes.net/ja/galleries/2
Online exhibition space of the planned works which were to be exhibited at Tokyo Art Fair 2020. Not only us, Kami ya, but you can enjoy the works from many different galleries. Gallery's Online Art Mall@ Art Scenes.

We will be trying our best to show case "Kami ya" experience as if you are physically here without being here. We will be posting new items and information, please come visit our online sites!

By Kami ya's Nakano-hito