7th Small Talk "new featured program coming soon"

7th Small Talk "new featured program coming soon"

Hello This is Kamiya's Nakano-hito.
Passed few days weather is making us think, season for the air conditioner is coming soon. I have been chased by the tasks, this and that for the whole day, and just noticed now that I have not been taking water all day. I have a headache, it may be due to the heat stroke. We need to take better care of ourselves, let's stay dehydrated. 

 The top cover image for this time is taken by the iPhone, I have not edited the image, and even the location maker for the photo shoot is in the photo. but who cares, I think I like this photo. The key is to take under the natural sunlight. It shows us the natural color.... This is the reason why all of our item images are taken under the natural sunlight. It is easier if we use the artificial light, we can make the same condition all the time, but we believe under the natural sunlight it shows it's true texture on the surface, and color of the works.


We admit, that we are newbies of taking photo, not a professional, so we are repairing trial and error, is the focus enough? image resolution is rough? etc.. We are happy to take your request, if you have prederd angle, or other images.. please let us know!  We would not push you to purchase something, we have so many request from overseas, actually so. Please let us know, we would be happy to help you!


The top image of this post is Shiro Tsuhimura's Business Card size Ink Painting. We have already uploaded this works and made available in the online shop, and we will be featuring this kind soon!

See you Next Week!

Kami ya's Nakano-hito

P.S For some reasons, I think image resolution becomes rougher when I post it to the blog.....