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      Originally, it is said that the Pochi bag that is used when handing over the heartfelt gift to the geisha etc. It is said that "Pochi" is named from the meaning of "Pocchi" of only a little.

      In the beginning, it was mainly used by adults to give small amounts of money, and many of them used woodcut prints with good luck charms such as pine, bamboo and plum trees. Before long, it came to be used as a New Year's gift bag for children as well, and various designs came to be designed.


      Generally, we write the title in the center of the front side, the name of the recipient in the upper left corner of the front side, and the sender's name in the lower left corner of the back side. In some cases there is not enough space to write the title on the front side of the envelope because of the design, so in that case, you may not write it, or you may write only the necessary information on the back side of the envelope.

      For example, when you give a gift as "carfare", you may not seal the pochi bag so that the recipient can take it out quickly and use it. Another merit of the pochi bag is that it can be used freely and casually according to the design and situation of the recipient.

      Nowadays, pochi bag has a strong impression as a bag for New Year's gifts, but it can also be used in many other ways, such as as as a substitute for an envelope for a memo or a ticket, a place to put a detached accessory, or as a scent bag for incense.

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