1st post: Hello. This is Kami ya, It is nice to meet you.

1st post: Hello. This is Kami ya, It is nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, this is Nakano-hito from Kami ya online store.

We have our physical store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and we have secretly opened our online store on 1st of October 2019......We have done little from then... ( we apologize for the valued clients, who are kind to visit our online store, but there were little changes....) BUT we are re-born. We will be updating our online store as well as this blog!

We have been considering and wanting to open an online store, but have not actually acted on creating. So Last October, we have finally stated, and opened our online store... But there are many opportunity to improve user's convenience, we realize that...So, we will be trying out the new layout as well as uploading new product and art works, may be one day you come visit again and find completely new store.

If I write with very proper and honorific language, it would give the impression of very conservative, so I'd like to use the frankly spoken language to give the backyard-ish atmosphere to this blog, Thank you for your kind understanding.

I'd like to tell so many stories, however this is my first post, and if I write a long Novel, then it takes too much time to read, if I have a reader who is patient enough to read until long finalee, so I  will be keeping this shot for this time.

Please not to look for the next post (Nakano-hito is very weak under the pressure.), but hopefully you come back to read what's going on!

By Kam ya's Nakano-hito