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Ebook Shiro Tsujimura Tsubo

Ebook Shiro Tsujimura Tsubo

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This is a collection of Shiro Tsujimura's vases from his early to recent years, from the 1970's when he was around 30 years old to the 2010's in one volume. The works are arranged in chronological order of production, allowing the viewer to sense the commonalities and changes that can be felt throughout the entire body of work. Approximately 70 vase works are included in the book.

Also featured is a Shino chawan selected by Shiro Tsujimura himself from among the Shino chawan fired in 2022, the culmination of his two-and-a-half-year effort starting in 2019. This is the third Shino chawan in Shiro Tsujimura's life. It has literally been two and a half years of struggle. It is a masterpiece Shino chawan.

The latest works of abstract painting with sumi ink and paper, which he has been working on continuously for the past few years, are also included. The abstract paintings on Chinese bamboo paper, painted with old Chinese ink, stir various imaginations.

His 1976 memoir titled "Vessel and Mind" is a valuable source of information on Tsujimura's mind, direction, and way of life as he approached his work.

In addition to the artworks, the exhibition also includes a view of Nara, where Shiro Tsujimura lives and works. It is a glimpse into the daily life of Shiro Tsujimura, who continues to create and live in a place that has remained unchanged since the day he began his work.

Number of works: approximately 100

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