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井上有一 | Yu-ichi Inoue

鳥 井上有一著

鳥 井上有一著

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Yu-ichi Inoue:Tori (950 edition limited)

Published by UNAC TOKYO
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Yu-ichi Inoue:Tori" has published as his latest literature. This book covered 42 pieces of all his Tori (bird) works. "Tori (a bird)" is the only theme that he had created in many variation in very short period of time. Actually he created many works of "Hana (a flower)", "Ai (love)", and "Hin (poverty)", but he had created them in various time. Tori had been created in 1976 to 1978, just only 2 years. In 1976, he had retired his job as a teacher, and in 1978 a serious illness had been found. Tori was created in those period when he had realized that he had entered in his later life.

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