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      初期の頃の作品にはエディションナンバーを書き入れていたが、途中でやめた。理由は、元来日本の浮世絵はたくさんの人々に提供するために木版画で手刷りされており、江戸時代の庶民にとっては、この浮世絵が数少ないエンターテイメントの1つであった。 音丸版画はこの江戸時代の浮世絵の製法と全く同じ製法で作られている。 音丸も現代の浮世絵に番号をつけ、作品数を制限するのが虚しくなった。出来るだけ多くの方々に楽しんで頂けるように、価格も出来るだけ安く、ほぼ材料代と少しの手間賃だけにした。
      About Otomaru's Art Work.
      He created the art work between 1990 - 2000, only in this 10 years, and since then he has stopped continue creating.
      So whatever exists today are the only his artworks.
      His early work have editions written on the pieces, later in the phase he has stopped putting editions in the work.
      His work is created by the same method as Japanese  Ukiyo-e (Japanese Traditional Wood Block Printings),
      these Ukiyo-e printings used be the one of few entertainment that ordinary Japanese People could have in old era.
      So Otomaru felt empty creating limited numbers of works, this is the reason why he has stopped putting numbers of editions on his works.
      He wanted to create something to let many people enjoy his work, so he put very reasonable price on his works.
      This is almost with no profit, only with materials and small fee for his labor.
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