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      2020 Autumn Table ware


      Tsujimura family style banquet

      At Kami-ya, we call it "Sanzoku style", the slightly wild banquet of the Tsujimura family. Mr. Tsujimura sits cross-legged next to the sunken hearth and grills a chunk of meat himself. Seasonal vegetables from his own garden, fresh fish and his wife Mieko's special simmered vegetables were all served in a variety of bowls. For those who drink alcohol, please use a gulp, wine cup or tall cup. Soft drinkers can use glasses or teacups of their choice. There is something very special about the taste of the food and each of the dishes, each and every one of the dishes is fascinating.



      Just picking up and looking at Tsujimura's tableware makes you feel richer just by being in your usual space, but it also has a deeper flavor when used sparingly in your daily life. Plates and cups that look similar but have a slightly different look and feel, the time spent eating in the world's one and only vessels will be even happier and more delicious.

      Why don't you enjoy the encounter with the vessels that will add more color to your dining table?




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