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      2020 Autumn Abstract oil paintings

      The World of Abstract Paintings

      Mr. Tsujimura has been at the forefront of the ceramic art world for over forty years. A few years ago, he brought us a new series of works that we had never seen before.

      They are in the genre of so-called "abstract paintings" and do not contain concrete motifs like the typical oil paintings he has drawn before. For example, the large, black size No.100 is a large painting. At a glance, it looks like a dry clay wall, and depending on the angle of light or the distance you look at it, the hidden colors and unexpected unevenness of the canvas seem to come to the surface, and it gives various expressions and feelings to the viewer depending on the space where you decorate. By the way, there is no up and down of the work, you can freely display it in any direction you like.

      The theme of "abstraction" is something that Tsujimura has been wanted to work on for a long time. As he is not a painter by profession, it took him a while to start working on it, but now that he is in his 70s, the excitement and surprise of expressing a new world with great energy is still to come.


      The abstract paintings (oil paintings) range from small (thumbhole) to large (size 100).

      We will be introducing new works every season, so please keep an eye out for them in the future.


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