Shiro Tsujimura Flower Vases 2021w

Shiro Tsujimura Flower Vases 2021w

"I would walk around the mountain for an hour or two, looking for a good branch. If I find a branch, I've done 80% of the work. I can't find any good branches."

Mr. Tsujimura laughs. Even Mr. Tsujimura, who lives in the mountains, scours the mountains for good branches. Once he found them, all he has to do is throw them in. Perhaps it is because the branches are so carefully selected. There is a natural beauty in the flower vase, as if it had been growing there for a long time.

I wondered if they spent so much time looking for flowers to welcome someone. The spirit of it took my breath away. They just snapped off a branch and threw it in. At first glance, it looks like that. Such gentle beauty. There is not a hint of tension, as if it were a "work of art" created by a flower artist using all of his hands and skills.


・・・・a strong "personality", one wrong move, you will be bad at it. It's a paper-thin difference between good and bad. I feel that the reason he is not bad at it is because there is something in him that could be called tradition.・・・・He knows where his "personality" shines. It also means that he knows how to kill his "personality".


I had a chance to see an article written by one of Japan’s most influential modern ikebana practitioners, Toshiro Kawase about Mr. Tsujimura in the 1989 Bessatsu Taiyo no.337. (P.134 ~ P.135) I was strangely convinced. Mr. Tsujimura's pottery is recognizable at a glance, but it does not have a peculiar shape, nor does it have an unusual glaze. When you make tea, the tea looks beautiful and fits perfectly in your hand, making you feel as if you are holding the tea in your arms. When you put flowers in it, the flower vase, which used to have such a strong presence, now plays a supporting role to complement the flowers. The individuality comes to the fore and does not get in the way.

There was no sense that the beautiful flowers in the vase had been carefully selected over time. If you look back, you will see thousands and thousands of potteries lined up to fire this one. Such "ingenuity without a trace" seems even making his pieces cooler.

"If you like it and you do it every day, you'll get better and better at it."

Encouraged by these words, I put in the flowers again today. I can't seem to get it right, I think.... You can try one if you like! The road to Rome starts with one step!

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