8th Small Talk "Medaka Fish

8th Small Talk "Medaka Fish

Hello, This is Kamiya's Naka-no hito.

Let me introduce you, the Medaka fishes in Kami ya. I do not know from when they have been here, but I know that they are "Senpai", works longer here in Kami ya than me. 


Before I was adding the floating glass, fishes came up on the surface, because They thought I was feeding them.


When I join Kami ya, there were about 10 Medaka fishes, but they laid eggs last year, and I have been taking care of them, they successfully prosper, and increase to more than 30 now. Now we are in the season of Spawning, so we brought the floating glass for them to have enough shards and places to lay the eggs. These glass will come to bloom in June to October will have purple flowers. 

Fishes lay the eggs on the glass's root, so when I find the eggs, I remove the whole glass to other container so the eggs will not be in danger..... the adult fishes sometimes eat the eggs, if I leave them in the same container....


I feed them every morning, so not this time for you... fishes..


Every morning, somebody who noticed first will feed the Senpai fishes, When i see them swim, it is very calming.

Challenge of increasing the number of the baby fishes... My hot summer has started...

Kamiya's Nakano hito

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