6th Small Talk "Online Shop [being propped up]"

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Hello, everybody.  This is Kamiya's Nakano-hito.

Nihonbashi, Tokyo, where Kami ya is located, has been having nice sunny days past few days. Days like this make us want to go out, but we need to hold that thought for while. 

Online Shop has been left out after it's opening last october, and we're re-focusing for the grand opening last month, It's been one month since the grand opening, and we are planning to really establish our "one-of-a-kind" online store. So we have created our schedule to upload the works, and planning to introduce something new weekly. Everything is new for us, so we tried this and that, including taking photo listing, etc. Just getting used to our daily routine.


Sake Cups of Shiro Tsujimura 

Our stage two challenge is that we are not being able to show our unique points, very look-alike to other online stores.... We are just listing the pieces, does not make interesting site. For example, it we talk about Tsuhimura-san's works, amount of the works, and our very close relationship with Tsujimura-san are our strength. We have not yet being able to cast what are being happening in Kamiya, as well as the charm of Tsujimura-san.

So, we are now standing up, and let our site be more charming and interesting! This is now happening behind the scene. Not only for the works of Tsujimura-san, but the other pieces will also be continuing joining our product line. So we are running projects to show our Kami ya ways, and hope you find it intresting!


ceramics lining up to be taken photos. 

So our Online store will not dramatically change one day, but continue changing little by little. So please come visit us once in the while, may be you will find something you may like. Thank you for your patience, we hope you will stick together with us for long

Please have a nice Weekend!

Kami ya's Nakano-hito