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      Kohiki plates &bowls by Shiro Tsujimura

      Kohiki plates &bowls by Shiro Tsujimura

      Thank you for visiting our website. This time, we would like to introduce the most popular Kohiki tableware for daily use, including plates that were sold out in last year's fall collection.

      Kohiki small plate (square) (approx. 14x14x3cm) price 20,000 yen 
      Kohiki small plate (rectangular) (approx. 20x10x2cm) price 20,000 yen 
      Kohiki small plate (round) (approx. 12x12x3cm) price 20,000 yen
      Kohiki small plate (triangular) (approx. 8x22x3cm) price 20,000 yen
      Kohiki 8 inch plate (approx. 24x24x5cm) price 180,000 yen
      Kohiki dora Bowl (approx. 26x26x5cm) price 180,000 yen
      Kohiki katakuchi (extra large) (approx. 23.6x30.4x15.5cm) price 300,000 yen


      Meals at the Tsujimura household are always served on Kohiki plates. They are often seen in photos of meals at the Tsujimura household, which is probably why they are so popular. They are useful not only as serving dishes, but also for sweets and other small things, and come in a variety of shapes: round, triangular, square, and rectangular. Japanese sweets are often beautifully shaped and colored, so you can serve them beautifully without disturbing the design of the sweets.
      The 8-sun dish and Dora bowl are also perfect for a meal for several people. Ms. Tsujimura always has a bowl full of salad every morning. His current favorite dish is a salad with crushed nuts on top.

      Generally, a katakuchi is used for pouring sake. The oversized katakuchi is best used like a large bowl. For example, it is recommended to use it as a large bowl to hold a lot of boiled dishes or salads. A large party with a large amount of alcohol in the oversized katakuchi might also be fun.

      The surface of Kohiki ware is coated with a glaze, making it easy to wash, which is a great feature for daily use. The colors are soft and white, and will fit in well with any cuisine regardless of the season. Why not make it a part of your daily tableware?


      Click here to see the collection of Kohiki ware

      Wine & Champagne cups by Shiro Tsujimura

      Wine & Champagne cups by Shiro Tsujimura

      "There's nothing like a glass of champagne in a Shino teacup."

      Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased to announce the addition of a new champagne cup to our cup series, one of the most popular standard products in the Kamiya online store.

      The words at the beginning of this article are from a friend of Mr. Tsujimura. Champagne in a tea cup? It may sound like a mismatch, but it actually makes a lot of sense. As many people know, champagne glasses have small scratches or marks on the bottom of the long, thin glass. This is where the champagne bubbles are generated.

      If you look closely at Shino pottery, you will see many small holes. It is said that the holes create an effect similar to the scratches on the bottom of a champagne glass, causing many bubbles to rise and mix together, resulting in a very mild taste. In addition, the round shape of the bowl, with its turned rim, traps the aroma of the champagne or wine and allows you to enjoy it with every sip.

      This discovery by a friend of his led him to make a champagne cup from Shino. It is a very interesting story about the taste and aroma of alcohol that can only be brought out by the texture of Shino.

      "A narrow glass does not allow the champagne to express itself to its fullest potential." 

       Olivier Krug, current Krug Director


      Wine Cup (kohiki), approx. 9.0x9.0x6.5cm, Price 20,000 yen
      Wine Cup (Ido), approx. 9.0x9.0x6.5cm, Price 20,000 yen
      Champagne Cup (Shino), approx. 10.0x10.0x7.5cm, Price 50,000 yen *This one comes with a signed box.

      The shape and size of the wine cup is very similar to the champagne cup, but the champagne cup is a bit larger. Both cups are relatively deep, so they can be used as small bowls for drinks other than wine and champagne. As with other Tsujimura works, the patterns and shapes of each piece are slightly different, so it will be fun to find your favorite. In addition, the Shino glaze introduced here has a very soft atmosphere, and as you use it, it will develop a "flavor" and change its expression. I hope you will enjoy that too!

      Click here to go to the collection page of Champagne & Wine Cups

      20-21 Winter Collection Start

      20-21 Winter Collection Start

      We are happy to announce our 20-21 online winter collection has started. It has to be started before, but we could finally launch the web. Normally our seasonal collection is 3 months, but this winter collection is for only 2 months.

      One of the highlight of the collection is Shino Champagne Cups. Since the end of 2019, Tsujimura has been working on Shino pieces. He tasted literally hundreds of times to test clays, glazes and fires. Some of you are familiar with his "wine cups", but this "Champagne" is larger and almost like a trip tea bowls. We believe that this will be his permanent series. Hope you will grab one, and enjoy the experience with Champagne. 

      We covered, sake cups, bottles, teabowls, plates, flower vases, and table wares. Hope you can find one you like!

      Please enjoy our winter collection!

      Kami Ya



      20-21Winter Collection 冬

      20-21Winter Collection 冬

      20-21 Winter Collection 冬






      謹賀新年 2021

      謹賀新年 2021

      謹賀新年 2021 | Happy New Year!





      Happy New Year!!

      It was unexpected year though, good opportunity for us to build our online store. This year, more comes. Looking forward to meeting you and new people here!

      Thank you very much!

      Kami Ya Online Store